Tuurngait Virus Field Research - Cure?
Amabel Swanson

If you're reading this, I guess you won't have to put up with me anymore. I know you will have tried your best - so I suppose, thanks for giving me that, at least. I thought I'd knock something up to help you, just in case I wasn't around to do it myself. Sorry it's a bit formal, force of habit I guess.

The purpose of this procedure is to formulate a 'cure' that will stablise the infection in the host and, if possible, reject it entirly. Experiments have shown that injections covering as much as 50% of brain tissue can be reveresed at an 80% success rate. In rare cases, the mixture will destroy both host and infection. Ah, the luxury of having no choice.

Compound Mixer, Type ZX3 v2 (built from substance analyzer).

- Acetone (chemical base)
- Chlorine (catalyst)
- Sulphur (delivery packet)
- Iodine (stabiliser)
- Nitrogen (pH balancing)
- Bromine (acidity regulator - fairly important, without this it'd just be a big old rat poison)

  • Chemicals will automatically to be stored in the order listed above.

The most important addition is 'Substance 65'. I've only had access to 12 & 67, which have proven to work with varying degrees of success. 65 has similar (though exaggerated) properties to 67, and was discovered just before infection, so it should still be quarentined within the Chemical Labs.

All chemicals should be combined within the ZX3 v2, and stored according to listed order. At default settings the storing will be automatic and chemicals can be poured into the machine in any order.

Substance is to be inserted into container slot.

It's vital that the chemicals are mixed in the following order:
Chlorine, Aceton, Iodine, Bromine, Nitrogen and finally Sulphur.
(Note that due to an error during manufactoring, the lower button row got reversed numbering, making the rightmost start at 4 and then increasing to the left.)

After successful mixture, the host can be injected with up to 3mg, depending on the severity of infection.

All chemicals and equipment should be stored in examination room.

Since the viral aspect of the host mind is likely to be a weakened or inflicted portion of the original host identity, the final state of the host is inclear. I guess I'll never give up on the fairy tale ending.
It's also likely that some remnent of the viral capabilities may remain - telepathy, memory... perhaps even the ability to comunicate with the central nervous system.

Seriously, though, even if we didn't quite get our happily ever after, thanks for trying. It meant a lot to me.

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