An Illustrious Past, An Exciting Future
The Archaic: A History Spanning Centuries

As a member of the Archaic, you are a part of an organisation vital to the protection of the human species. If you are not a member of the Archaic, please turn yourself in to the nearest community support officer.

The Archaic, as we now know it, was founded in 1519 by Francesco Melzi, a Milanese noble. The foundation of the movement (assumed erroneously by some to be a sect) was the private work of Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci, revealed to his most trusted student, Melzi, on his deathbed. Many rumours circulated at the time pertaining towards a sexual relationship between the two, and this was an explanation for their secrecy they were quite happy to embrace.

Much is held to be known of Da Vinci's engineering work, though in truth, the few sketches and notes in the public domain only begin to touch on the depth of his knowledge. For instance, it is often said of his designs for flying machines that they were entirely impractical - we realise now that they are only impractical when limited by human production materials.

The Archaic remained unnamed for centuries - Melzi and his successors understood the power of a name to identify and tie down its owner, and even today, 'Archaic' remains an unofficial and internal term.

As we enter the 21st Century, the Archaic performs much the same role as it always has: to locate, understand, and protect xeno evidence and life forms - albeit on a far greater scale.

Today, our movement is served by over 30,000 devoted members at 203 installations worldwide.

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