• Cridone

    As it says on the title, just miscellaneous and dumb details I found while exploring through the games.

    • Although hard to hear over the wind, some sort of mysterious howl can be heard echoing in the snowstorm. This is mentioned in a one-off comment where Philip says he thinks he "hears an animal, but it could just be the wind."
    • The brand of the backpack worn by Joe Freeman, the man in the ice cave, is Baggy.
    • The books in Red's room include, out of those that are recognizable, what appears to be The Invisible Man by H.G. Wells, a few books on Greenland, a biology book, a book on atoms and molecules, a book simply titled "RED" (Possibly RED by Ted Dekker), a Wonder Woman comic, The James Beard Cookbook, an organic chemistry book, and a Tintin boo…

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