Server Installation
Quick Start Guide

The most common cause of frustration during the installation process is the use of incorrectly formatted circuit cards. Please ensure Boot, Network; Interface cards are functioning correctly, with default programs installed before continuing.

Required Circuit Cards (Program count listed in brackets)

Boot(3)- collates basic disk drive and hardware configuration data.

Network(5)- uses advanced communication drivers to allow access to any local intranet or hub network. Comes with all the latest securty protocols.

Interface(4)- carries all programs required in server and file access, in addition to high level direct hardware access.

Circuit Card Compatible Programs
"Circuit Setup" - Required installtion to get any program running.
"Disk Info Setup" - Collates disk drive configuration data.
"Hardware locator" - Collates hardware configuration data.
"Socket Protocol" - Installs communication drivers.
"Firewall" - Provides protection against invalid access.
"Antivirus" - Provides protection against malicious programs.
"CMD Interface" - Installs interface that allows server access.
"Net Locator" - Installs routines required in accessing an intranet.
"File Streamer" - Installs drivers for accessing files.
"Admin Tools" - Installs tools required for direct hardware access.

By popular demand, the server no longer requires the latest version of Windows in order to function currectly.

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