The Controls for the Penumbra series are quite easy to get the hang of. Here is a bit of a guide to help players out

  • Walk = W (forward), S (backwards), A (left), D (right)
  • Notebook = N
  • To-do List = P
  • Lean (to safely check around corners) = Q (lean left), E (lean right)
  • Flashlight = F
  • Glowstick = G
  • Crouch = Left Ctrl
  • Jump = Space
  • Inventory = Tab

Weapon useEdit

To use weapons in the game, you need to equip one first. There are two ways of doing so:

  1. Go into the inventory and double-click on your weapon of choice (don't mistake it for an item, otherwise you might get yourself killed. For reference, the two main weapons in the game are the hammer and the pick). Be careful, though, because opening your inventory does not pause the game, and will leave you vulnerable to enemies that have spotted you.
  2. Go into the inventory and assign the weapon of choice to one of the numbered slots above the inventory screen. This will allow you to press said number (on your keyboard) and equip the weapon without having to open up your inventory.

To swing the weapon, hold the left mouse button and move the mouse in the desired motion: left to right, down to up (for a stabbing motion), and right to left.

Item useEdit

To use an item, select it in the inventory screen (both weapon selection methods can also be used for items). After selecting it, the inventory window will disappear and an icon of the item will appear at the center of the screen. Right click on the object you want to use the item on and Philip will see if it works; if it doesn't, he'll usually say something like "Christ, what am I thinking?" or "I need to start the thinking straight". Most items can only be used once. Others, such as the lighter, can be used multiple times.

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