Copenhagen Post, Monday 17th August 1930 Psychotropic deposits at the bottom of “Death-Mine”

Researchers at the university of Copenhagen have suggested that mind altering chemicals naturally sewn into the rock, may be the cause of high suicide rates at a Greenland mine.

The university, which has recently been conducting studies into isolated communities, first became interested in the workers of the North Western Lead Mine last year. They discovered that even taking into account Greenland’s naturally high suicide rates, local figures for the last 100 years were abnormally high, at46 deaths per 100,000 populace compared to the national average of 29.

On further investigation, experts diagnosed, in many of the mines, symptoms in common with the early stages of paranoid schizophrenia. This has prompted researchers to hypothesise that natural deposits of lysergic acid, a PH 4 formula recently discovered to have hallucinogenic properties, may be present in the rocks.

Few locals were conductive to interview, but those who agreed to speak had their own explanation: Inuit spirits known as the “Tvvmgait” live in the mountains.

The university is awaiting the results of chemical testing. Studies continue.

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