Cryo-Stasis Usage Policy

The cryo-stasis facility is a state-of-the-art installation allowing for cryogenic freezing of severely injured personnel who may be resuscitated at a later date. During freezing, users may or may not experience mild hallucination [to be confirmed when first user is successfully revived from stasis].

Fair Usage Policy

The following scenarios are considered acceptable cause for use of the cryo-stasis facility:
- Any Overseer or Elevated Caste member is critically ill or injured
- Any Lower Caste member of the Archaic holding vital information is critically ill / injured
- Any patients infected with a non-terra virus or bacteria, provided they have first been deemed non-contagious
- Any injured personnel with the following incurable ailments should enter stasis for later medical research: cardiomyopathy, glaucoma, polio, diabetes, or halitosis
- Any Elevated Caste member deemed clinically dead should enter stasis for ceremonial purposes. Maintenance period for deceased users to be increased, pending research benefits at Greeland Site, making revival a potential solution.

Access is strictly forbidden to all non-medical personnel.
At this time, the Archaic is unable to staff the facility 24hrs. As a result, heart-rate-sensitive wristbands have been issued to high-priority, high-risk personnel. Keep these wristbands with you at all times - they allow automated access to the facility, in the event that the wearer's heart rate indicates high probability of approaching death.

Lower Caste personnel are entitled to an 'opt-in, opt-out' scheme, whereby they may choose to sign a consent form where, in the event of critical injury, they will be entitled to at least partial cryo-stasis.

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