Name; Eloff Carpenter. Rank... *sigh* What does it matter?
~ Eloff CarpenterPhone LeftRecieve (file info)

Dr. Eloff Carpenter is a minor, unseen character in Penumbra: Black Plague and Penumbra: Requiem. He was a member of the Elevated Caste and a prisoner whose cell was discovered in the first area (corridor) where the Tuurngait Infected is first encountered.

Penumbra: Black Plague Edit

In the same room is a cassette player and a cassette. When Philip inserts the cassette into the cassette player, Eloff begins to speak.

This is what Eloff says on the cassete:

My name, Eloff Carpenter. Rank - elevated. Status - code C, imprisoned. Observing the Tuurngait movement. I predict it will be my cell they visit next.

To my knowledge, I am the last remaining member of the elevated at this facility, and so it falls upon me to ensure that xeno protocol is not compromised.

For that reason, I record here the only way I have discovered to neutralise the viral threat.

The species' primary weakness is-

No! Please-

Eloff's death can be witnessed on tape, while he is being murdered by a Tuurngait Infected.

Below is shown a video where you first confront the Tuurngait Infected
Penumbra Black Plague - Confrontation

Penumbra Black Plague - Confrontation

Penumbra: Requiem Edit

Eloff is one of the four residents of the mysterious world in Requiem, along with Phillip, Tom "Red" Redwood, and Dr. Richard Eminiss. Eloff's voice can be heard throughout the world. As with his role in Penumbra: Black Plague, he created audio journals to communicate his thoughts. However, Phillip was able to listen to them without the need for a cassette.

It was mentioned that Eloff attempted to commit suicide by swallowing a cyanide pill as he was captured by one of the Tuurngait Infected during the last game. However, it was revealed to be a dud.

Like Phillip, Eloff seems to have no idea what the world is but tries to understand it through his recordings. Eventually, Eloff realizes that someone (Phillip) is listening to his thoughts and slowly descends into madness. He also reveals that he made contact with Tom "Red" Redwood, who he claimed to be "talking gibberish, threatening me."

Eloff was last heard during The Engine level, frantically warning Phillip to not make the same mistake as him. It's possible that Eloff was to spend an eternity alone in the world, trapped forever.

Quotes Edit

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