Fisherman's Wife's Love Letter
Dearest Eric,

Just a quick note before you set sail and leave me once again.

I've left you a little something to remember me by in the chest at the foot of your bed. I really don't know why you still only have one bed on board, taking shifts because of it is no way to get your rest. But what does a fisherman's wife know of life at sea?

I'll be praying every night for you to make the catch you need, so that you can come home to me safely and soon. Please don't be gone for five weeks like last time! I know I might nag sometimes, but I do love you, you know.

I've washed those overalls of yours, I know you'll get them covered in assorted fish parts in no time, but I still feel better knowing they've had a wash.

Before I forget, the Henriksons in the village have asked me to see if you'll be coming by any trout, but I said they were mostly out of season. If you do happen upon any, don't say anything. Stow them well in the ice, and I'll do something special with them to celebrate to me. The ship's captain deserves a little special treatment once in a while!

Take care my love.