Shelter Research Station, Greenland
Project Lifespan: April 1, 1973 - Present
report filed by Founding Overseer Bren Stafferson
report updated by Chief Overseer Wilbur Frisk

Nature: Excavation & Research Facility

Background: In January 19, 1973, the Archaic Central Caste becomes aware of a large scale industrial accident at a remote mining complex in North-West Greenland. The accident coincides with local reports, dated over a period of decades, concerning abnormal animal behaviours and growth, high suicide rates and unusual events within the mine itself. These reports centralize over the precise location of the mine collapse (itself reportedly caused by a crazed miner). Xeno activity is suspected, and a full investigation sanctioned.

Purpose: to locate and retrieve xeno evidence and artefacts

Initial Personnel
Elevated Caste: 7
Chief Staff: 5
Lower Caste: 51
Temporary: 25
Total Population: 88

After two years of construction, Shelter is now practically self-sufficient, eliminating many issues surrounding Archaic privacy concerns (concerns threatened during the construction phase by the much increased sea freight required). Shelter operates with a skeleton crew of research staff, supported by a small crew of maintenance and general care personnel. An Elevated Caste presence of reasonable magnitude is warranted by the potential value of any discoveries. Unskilled labour and resource management is outsourced to (discreet) local villagers. Plans to adapt more than a fraction of the old mining complex to Archaic needs have been abandoned, and work is now commencing on the excavation site immediately below the facility (and within half a mile of the 1973 explosion site).

Security Level: Highest priority. According to standard procedure, all documentation concerning the facility was destroyed upon construction. All those that know of the facility's existence either work within the facility, or are of no great concern. The facility can sustain itself with only minor reliance on local settlements. The facility, for all intents and purposes, does not exist. This presents only minor practical annoyances.

- Substances 53, 63 & 70-73
- 'Persona Tardus' artefacts: 27
(now believed to be somehow related to the contents of the recently discovered tomb)
- 'Finis Specialis' artefacts: 10
(of little real value to the Archaic but, for some reason, of great collectable value to the Lower Caste)
- 'Tuurngait Tomb'

- classified

Final Status
- operational

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