Tuurngait Virus Sentience Conclusions
Howard LaFresque

Since leaving the last bastion of humanity in this place behind, it has become clear that my faith was well-placed - my conclusions were correct, and it is only that which has brought me this far.

It has taken me sometime to make my way through the infected area of the Shelter, and with the observations I have made, my prior discovery seems all the more obvious and vital.

- The infected humans communicate with one another.

- Similar, if simpler communication is observed in infected creatures of all species.

- At times the infected seem to coordinate without clear line of sight: telepathy.

- Despite a catatonic appearance, the infected are quite capable of high-level brain functions: their problem-solving abilities at times seem to far outstrip those of a healthy human being.

- When separated, the creatures lose this intelligence, indicating some form of communal or central intelligence.

Conclusion: the intelligence displayed is of such a level that we can only assume the 'communal mind' is also rational.

It is this conclusion that has formed the backbone of my recent endeavours. Though the infected may wander around like mindless - for want of a better word - zombies, they are no more stupid than a worker bee: automatons, yes, but far from stupid.

In short - I believe this central intelligence might somehow be comunicated with. Bargained with. Comunication, however, is most likely impossible once infected - unless there was a way to subdue the infection for long enough to contact the hive.

There must be a way to find peace.

Today, I communed with the Tuurngait mind. I was correct - it is intelligent beyond our wildest imagination.
It told me... everything. Everything I needed to know.

You could not imagine it.

I cannot accept it.

God forgive us.

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