My research has uncovered something... fascinating.

Time and time again I warned Overseer Frisk I needed time to perform a full textual analysis, before my translation could be considered complete. He went ahead with the excavation anyway, and now he's paid the price.

This facility's security level is high enough that no trace of it exists beyond the confines of these walls - not even the Archaic Central Caste have records of its location. In fact, the only link to this place in the outside world is the notes I left behind many years ago. However, since the virus was released over one year ago, no rescue attempts have been made, not one person has tried to enter the facility. Just before the virus was released, I sent a message out to someone I could trust. I can only assume that my son, Philip, has received the note, and done as I asked. No matter what happens down here, at least I can rest easy in knowing no trace remains of this place, that these secrets will stay buried here.

I've learned, over the years, never to put too much weight on any one discover, but the information I now hold is vital not just to our survival, but to the future of our species.

First thing in the morning, I intend to call on volunteers to set out into the infected area of the Shelter. No one will come, but I shall ask all the same. I'll make a move for the library research station first, then it's all unknown variables.

After that, I shall simply have to put my faith in this discovery. If I am wrong about this, I will barely make it through Residential.

To think I left my family for this place, for this organisation. Which is more horrible, that I have sacrificed something so dear, or that I do not regret it for a second?

Howard LaFresque
Chief Translator