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The Hunters were a type of enemy that was intended for the Penumbra (Tech Demo), but it was removed because the model-maker for the Hunter left the team.

The Hunter was in the art cover of the Penumbra Tech Demo, but did not appear in it.

However, despite its deletion, the Hunter returns in Penumbra: Necrologue.


They look like a combination of a spider, a dog and a human in terms of appearance. Their back legs are jointed in the opposite direction of a human's, but their forelegs are jointed normally. Thereare experiments called super-humans of the Shelter scientists but they intervened into the natural process and all of them mutated .


  • It is possible through modding to replace the first two Tuurngait Infected in Black Plague with Hunter models, though the sounds are the same as the normal Infected, and the front limbs falter due to animation glitches.
  • It is commonly believed that Wilbur Frisk is the Hunter, or at least a Hunter.
  • The room in which the hunter was located is actually the first room in the Tech Demo, it just has a few things moved around in it.
  • It is believed that the Hunter can be heard breathing behind a closed door in the same room where the first Roach appears.




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