KNR, Thursday 1st January 1974
Increased Sea Traffic Causes Local Concern
Inhabitants of a small village in the relatively desolate North-West have been reporting witnessing uncharacteristically large volumes of seaborne traffic over the past six months.
North West Greenland is virtually uninhabited by modern standards, containing just 0.1 persons per square kilometre, one third of the national average. Sea trade has dropped off dramatically since the closure of the North-Western lead and iron mines in March, 1972. The mine itself ceased operation due to massive structural failure, following an apparently accidental detonation of standard mining explosives, where all 47 workers were assumed killed in the blast. Bodies were not recovered.
Now, locals are complaining of noise pollution caused by a high and steady volume of ships sailing close to shore. Unfortunately, in order for any form of official enquiry to be undertaken, the registration codes of the ships in question must be recorded, and, since villagers claim the ships only travel under cover of darkness, this may mark a difficulty for their ongoing quest for justice.
Eric Nuunaat

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