15th August 1945 Command Bunker: Emergency Airstrip Zulu Weekly Report

Another unremarkable week in Greenland: - regular supply shipment received - standard emergency drills carried out - routine runway maintenance completed (I have ordered maintenance be carried out twice weekly from here on in, due to increased snowfall) - one wounded

The one wounded figure is no cause for concern back in London: the German’s haven’t extended their frontline by 4000 miles. Two of my own men were caught manufacturing cherry bombs in our workshop/armoury, and succeeded in blowing off a couple of fingers. I take partial responsibility for this, in that I allowed them access to the demolitions manual we keep in the store room, and I’m sure that’s where they learnt the ingredients. As a precautionary measure, I have locked up the manual in the chest in my office, and I will keep the key on my person at all times. Needless to say, both men have been disciplined, and the injured man has been sent home for medical care. I cannot help but think that a more suitable punishment would have been for him to stay out here, but the matter is out of my hands.

This base is so disconnected sometimes, I feel as if this war could end, and we might not even hear about it out here.

Supplies Requisition Order: - dynamite for excavation purposes - 7 bayonets (not necessary in my opinion, but procedure states we should have a full compliment) - 1 industrial ice pick (for removing the damn ice that forms on the external hatch) - 1 pair of reading glasses, category 7-C (an order for myself, my glasses are in a rather poor state of repair and could do with replacing)

Reconditioning of the mine continues to progress. The structure is being fortified from potential bomb damage, and excavation of previously caved in areas is going ahead.

One point of curiosity is some kind of archaeological find, an artefact buried in the earth, and discovered by one of the work teams. Later this evening, after marshal duty, I shall take a close look at the artefact. It appears to be man made, and may have working parts inside. I shall remove what looks like the front cover, and see if I can’t discover the source of light which constantly emanates from it.

Chief NCO M.Major

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