Penumbra tech demo

The original Penumbra game is a tech demo made to show off the power of the HPL engine, released in 2006 for free. It can be downloaded off of the Frictional Games website.


The Penumbra series is based on Frictional Games' earlier game "Penumbra", a short tech demo meant to demonstrate the capabilities of the company's HPL Engine. The developers admitted to making significant modifications of the original engine to accommodate the 3D graphics in this game,

"The engine is built from an engine created when making a thesis job which resulted in the platform game Energetic. Before moving into the 3rd dimension I made some cleanup of the engine (which was quite rushed in some places) and started to add a base for 3D rendering. I would not say that the original 2D engine was modified to add 3D, but rather a 3D layer was added so all of the 2D stuff is still there. It is still possible to make a 2D tile game using our engine."

While not initially intended to be a commercial product, Penumbra was received exceedingly well, and Frictional decided to develop it into a full-length game.


Penumbra Classic (Technical Demo) was made after Thomas Grip's first project, Unbirth. Unbirth was gonna be a Silent Hill/Resident Evil type of horror game with less violence, made on an engine created by a friend of his, and was gonna be the engine's tech demo.

However, after multiple updates to the engine that broke Unbirth, Thomas decided to put Unbirth on hiatus and try to a new game on an engine of his own with a new team, this game ended up becoming the Penumbra tech demo, later Thomas completely abandoned Unbirth in favor of extending Penumbra and moving onto new games.


In Penumbra, the player, assuming the role of a nameless protagonist, finds himself in an underground base on Greenland, searching for his lost father. It's an adventure horror game, free from classic first person shooter elements, with an emphasis on puzzle solving and exploring. Constantly on your toes you will never know what to expect, with no weapons; how do you protect yourself?

Unused ContentEdit

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  • In the storage area where the roach appears, there's a locked door that leads to a bathroom. When near that door, one can hear low breathing coming from inside. The file is called "horror_breath1" located in "sounds\horror" of the game's install folder. It is isn't clear why this is here, although it could be a reference to an easter egg no one has found yet.


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