Before Penumbra: Necrologue was released, a short, roughly 25 minute demo had been released prior to the game.


Philip, somehow hearing voices once again from Clarence, awakens within the computer room from the endings of Penumbra: Black Plague and Penumbra: Requiem. After being mysteriously contacted by both Dr. Amabel Swanson and Red, Philip proceeds to receive a message from a rescue expedition who had entered the facility. Now able to finally conclude his efforts of survival and escape, Philip makes his way out of the facility. The player must now decide his ultimate fate.

Differences from the final productEdit

  • Russian is the only language, though the dialogue is not changed and English subtitles are available.
  • During the part where Philip climbs onto a rope above a balcony, he falls down the shaft in the demo, whereas in the final product, he safely lands on the balcony.

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