"Good... good... good... good - it has been precisely 12 days, 11 hours, 39 minutes, and 12.4 seconds since something good last happened."
―Dr. Richard Eminiss - Penumbra: Black Plague[src]
Dr. Richard Eminiss
Richard Eminiss
biographical information
Nature: Human (Formerly)
Tuurngait Infected
Nationality: Unknown
Sex: Male
Age: 36
Occupation: Archaic Chief Staff Biologist
Status: Deceased
Voice actor: Sam A. Mowry
Appears: Penumbra: Black Plague
Penumbra: Requiem

Dr. Richard Eminiss (/ˈriCHərd ˌeməˈnəs/; born September 18, 1964) is a minor character and the tertiary antagonist in Penumbra: Black Plague and a major character in Penumbra: Requiem. He was an infected Archaic Chief Staff Biologist stationed at Shelter Research Station, Greenland.

Background Edit

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Biography Edit

Penumbra: Black Plague Edit

He is first heard after going into the computer room. He seems willing to cut off his hand so Philip Buchanon can use it on a scanner, and requests a saw. After a saw is given to him, however, he is suddenly taken over by the Tuurngait virus and attacks Philip (either that, or he was already controlled by it). He can be defeated by luring him into another room (the one with the button-controlled door) and locking the door.

His sanity even before his transformation was questionable at best, as he will sometimes rant about random trivia while speaking, and claims he recalls the day of his birth to the last millisecond. Dr. Amabel Swanson warns Philip about him, saying he was acting "strange" the last time she saw him. After Dr. Eminiss' first monologue, Clarence says that "He is like us, and yet he is not us", hinting at his infection and foreshadowing his transformation.

Penumbra: Requiem Edit

He is occasionally mentioned by the announcer, but has no appearance or effect on the gameplay. However, Philip is able to hear burst transmissions made on a walkie-talkie found in Penumbra: Overture (and sometimes messages made via mental telepathy) of the doctor conducting an exchange with Tom Redwood. In the end, Philip returns once more to the incinerator only to find out that Red, as he cryptically explains, was really Dr. Eminiss the whole time; This may have been made possible through the usage of the Tuurngait virus's mental connection. It is up for debate whether or not it is true that Red really was Dr. Eminiss, but several theories and videos created by fans which can be found online point out the possibility of this being a plausible explanation.

Description Edit

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Dialogue Edit

Penumbra: Black Plague

First encounter

  • I remember why you're here. Dr. Swanson has filled me in - I recall every single syllable of our conversation. There was ever so slight an inflection in her tone that suggested she no longer trusted me.
  • Why ever dinosaur extinction 65 million years ago - would she think that?
  • I... we... share the same history. You and I are history. I recall... I recall the day of my birth. 18th of September, 1964, 3.46993412 recurring minutes past nine.
  • I remember my mother looking surprised as I poked my head out into the world for the first time.
  • You need a security registered palm, something I can provide. You need it at the library - something beyond my reach.
  • When I became infected by those mindless zombies, I split off from the others, and secured myself here. I cannot leave.
  • Nonetheless, you will need a hand. I will not. Bring me a saw.
  • I recall seeing one on my first day here, three years ago. Climate change of 10 degrees over the past 1 million years - walk east and take the first door on your right.

Receiving saw

  • Good... good... good... good - it has been precisely 12 days, 11 hours, 39 minutes, and 12.4 seconds since something good last happened.
  • [scream] (Dr. Eminiss screams in pain as he cuts off his hand with the saw, before being taken over by his infection.)

Penumbra: Requiem

"Patient Findings, Dr. Eminiss"

  • Patient: Dr. Eminiss. Medical Examiner: Dr. Eminiss.
  • Patient (that's me) reports disorientation and rash.
  • I am infected: paranoia, aural distortion... did I say that already?
  • Patient had... the most exhilarating out-of-body experience. I... escaped reality. I feel...
  • good.
  • Confided findings in Dr. Swanson.
  • There is a 79.55% probability it will lead to her death.

First encounter

  • Ah... Philip. It is I, your friend Dr. Eminiss. Were... you expecting somebody else? I already know that you will come to find me, but I invite you all the same.
  • Infection, Philip, didn't drive me insane as it did you - oh yes, I know about 'Clarence'.
  • I bonded with the Tuurngait on a different plane. It has its advantages... I know about you, about the universe, about god. But you know what else I know?
  • I know what you did. I know you revealed the location of this facility.

Second encounter

  • I recall your arrival, Philip. I recall you blindly wandering into the computer room, seeking my knowledge, unable to digest it. And yet...
  • I do not recall how it all ended.
  • Where is this memory hiding?!
  • Age of the universe: 13.7 billion years, intelligent species: 103, meaning of life: negligible... but my own past is a mystery!
  • I'm so bored... I know you, this place, why Carpenter's 'Elevated' came here. I know the expanse of the universe, the a priori nature of time...
  • You could see it too, were you not wrapped up in your own humanity... 'artistic expression', 'free will'... batting around your comforting fictional concepts like a toddler with a tennis racket.

Third encounter

  • Yes, that's much better. I say, though oft inconveniencing, there are certain abilities I've acquired in recent times that can be altogether rather useful.
  • Regardless, I just wanted to check on you... you're really doing rather well for someone with only 90 minutes left to live. Of course, pre-determined universe and all that - I already understand your outcome.

Fourth encounter

  • Now, my friend, our time is at an end. Time itself, in fact, has an end none too far in the future - at least for you.
  • Perhaps someone else will take your hand and guide you the rest of the way.

Fifth encounter

  • My congratulations, dear boy, you arrived! You will find your escape now - your friend is well chosen.
  • Insanity, after all, is rare in individuals; only in humanity as a whole is it the rule. Nietzsche. I will remain here -
  • - this half place continues to be the only challenge to my knowledge. May you enjoy your fate, Philip - what is left of it.

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