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Sex: Unknown
Age: Unidentified
Appears: Penumbra

The Roach is a type of enemy only encountered in Penumbra.

Appearance Edit

Their appearance is that of a winged, bat-like creature with two stingers, no eyes, and a mouth full of sharp teeth that can open wide to take fatal bites out of it's victim, and consume an entire body. This is evident when the Protagonist encounters a Roach that was locked away in a room, as the only remains of the victim locked away in the room with it are his coat and his blood, which covers the entire room, and is enough for flies to swarm the coat covered in his remains.

Behavior Edit

The Roach hovers slightly above the ground, allowing it to quickly pursue their victim. They make high-pitched, hissing noises, most notably when they're near their victim. Their method of killing is to bite, which, along with the heavy blood loss caused by the lacerations, can kill their victim quickly.

History Edit

Due to being from the tech demo, not much is known about them. Although it was possible that at an earlier point they were planned to have more information concerning their origins, considering all the unused and unfinished files found in the tech demo, they are not referenced in the final game aside from their two appearances and the comments the protagonist makes towards them.

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