The Roach is a type of enemy only encountered in the Penumbra (Tech Demo). Because of this, they are noncanon, and their origins are unknown.


Their appearance is that of a winged, bat-like creature with two stingers, no eyes, and a mouth full of sharp teeth that can open wide to take fatal bites out of its victim, and consume an entire body. This is evident when the Protagonist encounters a Roach that was locked away in a room, as the only remains of the victim locked away in the room with it are his coat and blood that covers the entire room, which is enough for flies to swarm the coat covered in his remains.


They make large tuned hissing sound when near. They often bite the victim to death.


There is possibility that Roaches are infected by the Tuurngait. Roaches are mutated experimental animals created by The Archaic. Roach contains organs of a Rat and Bat, those two animals mutated into one being known as Roach. Archaic is experimenting not only animals but also humans - mutated humans known as Abomination (aka Hunter).

It is possible to kill them by throwing dynamite at them.




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