Welcome to Shelter Research Station, Greenland.

Shelter is an almost entirely self-sufficient installation, built in the 70s to further serve the purposes of the Archaic Elevated Caste, in their pursuit, and defence, of ancient knowledge.

As a new member of the facility, there are some basic rules you should be aware of, in order to be useful to the Archaic.

Shelter provides living facilities, including a mess hall, gymnasium, and medical bay, in addition to the stipulated array of laboratories (chemical and biological), work stations, excavation equipment, and security. Please use the former at your leisure, but expect to be assigned to the latter with a moment's notice.

Second, due to the nature of our work here, should you feel in any way ill, light headed, or otherwise mentally incapacitated, DO NOT report to the medical facility. Fasten yourself securely to whatever solid object may be available, attempt to seal all connecting doors, and await retrieval by our trained professionals. In a worst case scenario, be prepared to swallow your personal cyanide capsule - which will be issued after this briefing. The Archaic hates to lose its treasured staff, but it may be for the good of the operation.

We know you will enjoy your work with us.

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