You're too late.


We packed up and left today. It's been six months since we established this stronghold, and a year since we released the Tuurngait virus - clearly there's no one coming to rescue us. We took a vote, and decided to head for the old mine shafts this installation was built over. Right towards the start of the troubles, one of the scientists got out that way. We haven't heard back from him, but you never know. The vote was 8:3 in favour.

Anyone returning to this point, I suggest you do the same. There couldn't be more than a few more survivors out there, even now, and more and more of our number are disappearing, losing it, or getting infected. You can make it out via the sewers, then into the shafts. Eventually, we'll all have to find a way up, and through the ice. We may yet die of cold, but it's better than what happened to Grey.

The only person that may still be out there is Howard. Kind of our leader, he left base a few weeks ago, and that's part of what's lead us to this. He'd converted the kitchen into an office, and was translating some old texts, when he claimed to have found a way to counteract the disease.

I guess he didn't make it.

Amabel Carlito
Sous Chef

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