The Shelter
Welcome to Shelter Research Station, Greenland. Shelter is an almost entirely self-sufficient installation built in the 70s to serve the purposes of the Archaic Elevated Caste in their pursuit and defense of ancient knowledge.
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Shelter Research Station Greenland, or simply - and more commonly - The Shelter, is a scientific research facility located in the uninhabited wastes of Northern Greenland. It is mentioned and makes a brief appearance in Penumbra: Overture and serves as the main setting of Penumbra: Black Plague. Established in the 70s (73 specifically), it had been built near the resting place of the Tuurngait, awakening the entity and leading to the facility losing most of its personnel and entering a state of overall abandonment and disrepair by 2001. Given its full designation, and evidence in various Archaic records, there are other installations also dubbed "The Shelter" worldwide.


The Shelter is a research base and home to a population of 57. It can be entered through the Greenland Mine, but it is unclear if this is the only entrance. Wilbur Frisk is likely the commander of the facility. Due to the fact that the facility is both isolated and having been built at an older time, it has dated technology, notably the computer systems. It is unclear how the Shelter is self-sufficient, but it is possible it uses crops sustained by artificial lighting, though little evidence supports this.

Events of Black PlagueEdit

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By the beginning of Black Plague, the Shelter was in a state of disrepair, with few survivors who had not been infected by the tuurngait virus, notably Dr. Amabel Swanson, who was later accidentally killed by Philip due to his infection. By the end of Black Plague, the facility had held up, but its fate, along with Philip's, is unknown following Penumbra: Requiem.