Dr. Richard Eminiss
Theoretic Effects of Controlled Infection
report requested by Overseer Frisk, on behalf of the Elevated

For the record - I see no value in recording this information at such an early stage in the project.

However, were we to assume that the virus could somehow infect a host, without fully taking control of its upper brain functions, we might observe the following.

Fact: Translator LaFresque, in his (ignored) efforts to prevent the release of the virus, correctly predicted the virus was capable of manipulating the host's motor-neuron functions.

Theory: were an instance of the infection controlled and sustained, we may find that a) the virus seeks to keep its host alive in whatever way possible (suicide would be 'against the rules'), and that b) the virus gains control over some or all sensory faculties, facilitating just such an objective.

Fact: when the virus infects a host of any species it adapts the organism's brain functions as best it can to suit its own purposes.

Theory: were the virus unable to fully take hold, it may develop some partitioning of the host's consciousness, effectively perverting a small corner of the host's mind into a form of secondary personality.

Fact: the Tuurngait virus was released from (according to LaFresque) a tomb many centuries old.

Theory: were some mental segmentation to occur, it seems plausible to suggest that each 'personality' - the virus and the host - may have access to one another's memories. Given the age of the virus, this may be a substantial collection.

It should be carefully noted that the bulk of the above remains conjecture, and should not be relied upon in any Archaic protocol.

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