Timeline is a note documenting the timeline of the North-Western Mine from since it was founded to the formation of Shelter Research Station, Greenland.

Transcription Edit

1910: North-Western Lead Mine opened

17th August 1930: University of Copenhagen research suggests high local suicide rates may be due to chemical despoits in the mine

3rd September 1939: World War 2 breaks out

1st December 1939: Part of lead mine converted into British command bunker

14th August 1945: World War 2 ends

15th August 1945: Commanding Officer files report on ancient artefact discovered during routine maintenance

1952: North-Western lead Mine shut down

1954: New lead and iron operations opened on site of old mine

1969: Malformed local fauna prompts assignment of Dr. J. Peters to the iron mine

1970: Dr. Peters discovers abnormally large species of grey rock worm

21st August 1972: Accident involving large scale deaths causes entire mining operation to be shut down - many bodies are never recovered

19th January 1973: Archaic becomes aware of events in Greenland

1st April 1973: Construction begins on Shelter research station on site of abandoned North-Western Iron Mine

1975: Shelter Construction Complete, key members include Overseer Bren Stafferson, Chemist Troy Retonesque, and Translator Howard LaFresque

1990: Shelter operations expand to secondary excavation sites, including Site B - Water Cave

12th September 1991: Troy Retonesque replaced by Neil Oswald as Attending Chemist at Site B

6th January 1992: Substance 63 and Artefact 66b discovered at Site B

20th February 1992: Site B closed due to hostile local fauna

3rd March 2000: Primary Excavation uncovers Tuurngait Tomb - excavation continued despite protests from Howard LaFresque

27th April 2000: Investigation of Tuurngait Tomb scheduled by Chief Overseer Wilbur Frisk</Entry>