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The North-Western Lead Mine is opened.

17th August 1930:
The University of Copenhagen research suggests high local suicide rates, maybe due to chemical despoits in the Mine.

3rd September 1939:
World War 2 breaks out.

1st December 1939:
Part of the Lead Mine is converted into a British command bunker.

14th August 1945:
World War 2 ends.

15th August 1945:
Files by the Commanding Officer report on ancient artefact discovered during routine maintenance.

The North-Western Lead Mine is shut down.

New lead and iron operations are opened on the site of the old mine.

Malformed local fauna prompts assignment of Dr. J. Peters to the iron mine.

Dr. Peters discovers abnormally large species of grey rock worm. Miner Tom Redwood is gone missing.

21st August 1972:
A horrible, ominous accident involving large scale deaths causes the entire mining operation to be shut down. Many bodies are never recovered.

19th January 1973:
The Archaic cult becomes aware of the events in Greenland.

1st April 1973:
The construction of the Shelter Research Station on the site of the abandoned North-Western Iron Mine is started.

The construction of the Shelter is complete, key members include Overseer Bren Stafferson, Chemist Troy Retonesque, and Translator Howard LaFresque.

The Shelter operations expand to secondary excavation sites, including Site B - Water Cave.

12th September 1991:
Troy Retonesque is replaced by Neil Oswald as Attending Chemist at Site B.

6th January 1992:
Substance 63 and Artefact 66b are discovered at Site B.

20th February 1992:
Site B is closed due to hostile local fauna.

[Day not known] February 2000:

Philip LaFresque recieves a letter by his father Howard, believed dead for thirty years. In the letter, the father says he's sorry, and that there are some documents that Philip must retrieve from the Mayfair bank. He says to Philip to burn the documents and papers without question, but Philip is entrigued. He has some problems in deciphering the files, but he manages to retrieve some coordinates that lead to a mine somewhere in Greenland - the North-Western Iron Mine. Philip decides to go there, and discover once and for all the dark past of his father. This is where the Penumbra saga begins.

3rd March 2000:
Primary Excavation uncovers the Tuurngait Tomb. The excavation continues, despite protests from Howard LaFresque.

27th April 2000:
The investigation of the Tuurngait Tomb is scheduled by Chief Overseer Wilbur Frisk. Soon this results in a horrible accident, with a supernatural force - the Tuurngait - taking over the Shelter. It seems the Tuurngait is the same entity that caused the accident in the North-Western Iron Mine in 1972. The few survivors (which include Amabel Swanson, Howard LaFresque, Eloff Carpenter, Dr.Eminess, and others) slowly try to organize, but the wrath of the Tuurngait keeps them at bay. Frisk is nowhere to be found (he has in fact turned into a creepy, stalking creature). Dr.Roberts is in a storage in the old mine, and after over 200 days of loneliness and spider eating, he is eventually found by the mutated Frisk and killed. Howard LaFresque finds death the only way out and kills himself. Carpenter is imprisoned by the Infected, (body hosts for the Tuurngait). He records a musicassette, telling that he found the Infected's primary weakness, but he's brutally killed by one before he can finish the sentence.


See the events of Penumbra Overture and Black Plague.

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