Please... the pain has gone on for so long... all I wanted was a friend, but now the time for chit chat and marshmallows by the fire has ended, and I hope that soon, so shall my life. I have knocked on death's door for so long, please, let him invite me in for tea.
~ Tom "Red" RedwoodPhone LeftRecieve (file info)
Tom Redwood
biographical information
Nature: Human
Sex: Male
Age: 45/46 (Penumbra: Overture)
Occupation: Miner
Status: Deceased
Voice actor: Mike Hillard

Tom Redwood, known to the player as Red, is a character who primarily appears in Penumbra: Overture. Philip never sees Red during this time and is only being contacted by him via radio.

Background Edit

Little is known about Red's life, other than he was born in 1956/57 and could have possibly been of English or Danish nationality[1]. In 1970, he worked as a miner for three weeks before being trapped due to a cave-in, making it impossible for him to escape the mine. According to the Newsclip 1, Tom "disappeared" on December 15th, 1970 (ten days before the article's release) and his mine foreman eventually declared him dead. Actually alive, Redwood spends the next 30 years entirely isolated with only a few options to keep himself occupied, such as reading various books.

Events of Penumbra: Overture Edit

The player first hears from Red after being contacted by him through the radio in the Communications Central Room. He instructs Philip on how to reach him, promising answers should Philip finally make contact. However, Red's intentions seem ambiguous at times. He is known to ramble on in odd tangents, accusing Philip of believing Red has lost his mind, soon after apologizing for his outbursts. At one point, he even tricks Philip into going through a spider-infested tunnel, which he claims was a "well deserved punishment."

! SPOILER ALERT ! After much progression, Philip finally arrives at Red's location, only to find that he has locked himself inside a large incinerator. He states that he has wished to die for a long time, but that suicide was "against the rules" and asks Philip to activate the incinerator, killing him. Having no other choices at this point, Philip then turns on the incinerator, granting Red his final wish. The key allowing Philip to progress is found in the ash tray under the incinerator among Red's remains.


When inspecting Red's living area, a noose is found hanging from the ceiling above a chair, a failed attempt to end his own life. There are several crosses and religious symbols, although this is contrasted by the vaguely lewd imagery of females on the walls. A note in his room states that Red was first trapped when he was fourteen, indicating that he was trapped for many years - it also states that he wished to use this time to read his books, but that he may have to read them twice.

Penumbra: Black Plague Edit

In Penumbra: Black Plague, it is discovered that Red came into contact with the Tuurngait. Like Philip, Red was not completely infected, retaining a large portion of his conscience. However, the infection was still enough to prevent wilful suicide, due to Tuurngait's nature of keeping its host bodies alive.

References Edit

  1. [1] [...] We have discovered that the man in question was a young labourer brought in from mainland Europe, possibly Denmark, and authorities on both sides of the Strait are currently attempting to contact any family he may have left behind. [...]

Trivia Edit

  • The voice actor of Red, Mike Hillard, voiced the nameless protagonist in Penumbra.
  • According to the timeline and his note, Red was 45 or 44 during the events of Penumbra: Overture, since he was 14 when he was trapped underground in 1970.

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