The Penumbra (Tech Demo) is riddled with unused content. Some end up reused in later Penumbra games.


  • There are several unused textures in the files which include dead bodies, plants etc.
  • There are several remnants of the Hunter in the files including some animations.


  • There is an unknown map titled level01_01_tunnel that is mentioned in level01_02_entrance's script file. it is unknown if it ever saw the light of day..., but what can be gathered from Penumbra: Overture is that it must be the tunnels after Philip enters the silo.
  • There are several textures relating to an unknown kitchen section of the game.
  • There are also several files for the bathroom that was never accessible in-game.


_temp_models is a folder in the Penumbra demo's main redist folder.

Upon entering the folder there are 5 folders 

  1. _need_finalization
  2. anton
  3. jens
  4. martin
  5. thomas

Need FinalizationEdit

Contains 1 file titled flare01.bnt


Contains 2 folders titled Decaler and Models


Contains various blood textures, most likely for adding decals on maps.


Contains files for various lights. Textures, models, etc.


Contains sounds for the roach enemy


Contains 2 folders Models and Roach


Contains several model files for the roach, animations and such.


Several unfinished textures and models for items such as a broom and other things like doors.


Two folders Models and Textures.


Contains the hunter's model files and various other things like a fusebox and the roach.


Contains several textures of metallic objects an also includes a texture called thecorp.jpg which appears to be a human head.


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