• Cridone

    As it says on the title, just miscellaneous and dumb details I found while exploring through the games.

    • Although hard to hear over the wind, some sort of mysterious howl can be heard echoing in the snowstorm. This is mentioned in a one-off comment where Philip says he thinks he "hears an animal, but it could just be the wind."
    • The brand of the backpack worn by Joe Freeman, the man in the ice cave, is Baggy.
    • The books in Red's room include, out of those that are recognizable, what appears to be The Invisible Man by H.G. Wells, a few books on Greenland, a biology book, a book on atoms and molecules, a Wonder Woman comic, The James Beard Cookbook, an organic chemistry book, and a Tintin book.

    • A logo appears on a generator in the machine room that …

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  • Cridone

    State of the Wiki

    April 29, 2017 by Cridone

    I'd like to criticize the fact that despite being a fan creation and not anything official, Necrologue is mentioned more as if it's official rather than a fan creation. Yes, they did allow the team to use the license, and yes, Frictional Games did help out, but they didn't approve it in terms of canon and they weren't part of its development.

    I will admit, I am not an admin and have not laid down any rules, but considering that most wikis only mention fan works in the trivia or somewhere similar, I'd say it also applies here.

    I'd like to get some discussion going on the quality of this wiki. Considering that, from what I remember, the founder of this wiki basically fell off and hasn't been active on the wiki ever since, I might adopt it in t…

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