Tuurngait Virus Field Notes
Amabel Swanson

Infection Process

The worst thing about my job - death helps us learn.

Timeframe - five weeks
Location - holed up in the old Mess Hall
Research Subjects - three Archaic personnel who contracted the virus

With every infection, the process - the lifecycle of this virus - becomes clearer. In addition to the already-documented symptoms, there seems to be some final stage during which the organism fully takes hold.

Just before becoming fully catatonic, the infected report strange, out-of-body experiences. They've likened these to being chased through a series of their own memories, some kind of mental obstacle course. These reports inevitably end in the patient being swallowed by some inescapable dark force, shortly after which we lose them for good. If these experiences are, as they seem to be, some form of mental representation of the infection process, we can only theorise as to what might occur were the patient to 'escape' the hallucination.

Additional Note

Today, Dr Eminiss confided in me that he has had just such an experience. He insists that he feels better than he has in months. I'll keep an eye on him.