A picture of the rock worm.

biographical information
Nature: Worm
Sex: Unspecified
Age: Unidentified
Occupation: None
Status: Alive

The Worm (aka Grey Rock Worm) is an enemy encountered in both Penumbra: Overture and Penumbra: Black Plague.


It is an abnormally large species of worms living in tunnels near the mine and the shelter, and seems to have a grey exoskeleton covering its body. Its mouth is very large. Though it is usually not all that difficult to escape them, it is arguably the most dangerous enemy in the game, able to kill Philip on contact. The first time you meet these creatures is shortly after Red tells you to turn on the digger to progress further. You learn a lot more about this creature in the room where you get the invisible ink code. They were captured for testing, where many died in a makeshift habitat. Philip declares that he can relate to being trapped with no way out. Preview, though they are very dangerous they can't be avoided, the player must run away at sight.


The Grey Rock Worms were discovered in 1970's by Dr. Peter. They are actually closer to Tuurngait then ever, it is possible that they are infected by the virus.  

It is clear that they lived very long time in underground with Tuurngait. Until they where discovered...


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